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Tailored IoT for
Unparalleled Efficiency.

See precisely how your equipment is performing and why.


When One-Size-Fits-All Doesn't Fit

Your industrial operation is unique.

It consists of many interrelated systems both in the field and office. The most successful companies unify critical data and analytics across all those systems, enabling their people to make fast, informed decisions.

Unfortunately, most solutions struggle to integrate all essential systems and fail to scale when additional capabilities are needed.


Equipment insight in seconds, not days or hours

Get real-time insight on your critical systems all in one place. Make informed decisions quickly instead of wasting time manually combining and analyzing data from multiple sources.


Scale quickly by owning the solution

Integrate new equipment and sensors regardless of make, model or version. Add functionality without reliance on a platform vendor, while keeping sensitive data secure.


Equipment that speaks your business language

Sync equipment health status with your maintenance apps to provide your techs with immediate alerts and automatically create work orders.

See your equipment's current cost per unit output.



Enhance system performance by enabling automated responses to previously inaccessible information.  Embed automation logic and AI at the edge where it's most effective.


According to Beecham Research, 74% of IoT projects are considered unsuccessful.


Inadequate IoT expertise, poorly defined business goals, and insufficient support from the organization are the main reasons for failure. Many collapse after the pilot stage because the solution isn't designed to be scalable.


We are here to assist you in avoiding these frequent stumbling blocks.



Assess if IoT is the best solution for you and whether it is financially viable.

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Strategic Planning

Create a plan for IoT and analytics that aligns with corporate strategy and scales for future needs.

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Manage IoT projects from start to finish with access to a vast network of IoT solution providers.


Frac Fleet Optimization


in reduced costs


systems connected


measurements per second 

​Machine learning deployed to reduce component wear

Predictive maintenance

Edge condition monitoring

Full analytics suite

Built on Microsoft Azure

Gas Turbine Monitoring


annual saving


makes/models supported

Real-time edge monitoring of 6MW - 30MW turbines

Emissions and fuel consumption reporting

Excessive vibration alerting

Ambient temperature and humidity effects modeling

About: Arden Albert

​I have over twenty years' experience developing new technologies and ensuring their success in the field. The last eight years have been dedicated to building IoT strategies and systems that help companies extract every possible cent from their equipment investments.

I believe technology projects must align with corporate strategy and quickly deliver quality results. Strong teamwork, communication and a customer focus are some of the skills I use to ensure my clients are successful.

Outside of work, I play hockey, explore local rivers by canoe with my wife and daughters, and experiment with IoT systems at home.

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Lon Robinson, former CTO - US Well Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Arden on multiple IoT and automation projects. Arden was the Director of our IoT and automation efforts and led the strategy and development of systems that created extreme value for the company. These systems alerted our organization to abnormal situations with equipment operating 24 hours a day in harsh oilfield environments across the country. In many instances, Arden's automated algorithms took control and corrected the abnormalities. When the company preferred an operator on site to take action for the correction, his systems alerted those people immediately and tracked their response. Arden's knowledge and abilities enabled us with the data needed to drive the appropriate actions and provide our operations with efficiency and productivity."
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